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Thankfulness = Healthy

By afmcblogger on 11/19/2015

Happiness – a combination of life satisfaction, positive emotions and having good coping resources – is something you can learn. Learn how being thankful and positive will improve your mental and physical health.

Caregivers Deserve Recognition

By afmcblogger on 11/12/2015

What’s a caregiver and what do they do? During National Family Caregivers Month in November, take time to recognize their $470 billion a year contribution to our society.

Learn Skills to Control Diabetes

By afmcblogger on 11/9/2015

People with diabetes or prediabetes need to learn about this disease and develop a set of skills to manage it successfully. Find out how local, informal education/support groups are helping patients live with this complex chronic disease.

Breastfeeding Is Best for Baby ... and Mom

By afmcblogger on 11/2/2015

Breastfeeding is one of the most effective preventive measures a mother can take to protect both her infant’s and her own health. It increases bonding between mother and child, and protects both from multiple illnesses, diseases and chronic health conditions.

Adult Immunizations: What You Need and When

By afmcblogger on 10/22/2015

All adults need vaccines for flu, pneumonia and tetanus. Older adults need a shingles shot; younger adults need Hepatitis A and B shots. Find out what shots you need and how often you need them. 

Workshop: Optimizing Medication Systems

By afmcblogger on 10/19/2015

Nursing home employees are invited to attend this special intensive and interactive workshop on managing medication systems Nov. 16.

24 Hospitals Rewarded by Arkansas Medicaid

By afmcblogger on 10/14/2015

In an effort to improve the quality of hospital services, the Arkansas Medicaid has rewarded $3.7 million in performance bonus payments to 24 Arkansas hospitals. The reward program continues to attract national attention for innovation and success.

Want To Save Money?

By afmcblogger on 10/12/2015

Medicare beneficiaries can save money on their annual health and drug insurance premiums by carefully reviewing their coverage and selecting the best plan for their needs. Find out where to get FREE help you can trust to pick the best plan for your needs.   

Are You Smart About Breast Cancer?

By afmcblogger on 10/6/2015

Do you know the risk factors for breast cancer? Do you know how to prevent it and why early detection is so important? October is a great month to get the answers to those questions so you can help protect all the wonderful women in your life from this terrible disease.

We’re Live with ICD-10: Now What?

By HostChris on 10/1/2015

By the time you read this, the industry will be coding, processing and receiving reimbursement based on the ICD-10 coding methodology. After the years of preparation and planning, we’ll finally be able to evaluate our efforts and determine where additional work may be needed. It is anticipated that in the first several weeks and months additional issues will be identified such as the need for focused coding and documentation education or that system remediation and software upgrades didn’t function as originally anticipated.