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Are You Sleepy?

By afmcblogger on 5/4/2016
Good sleep is essential to good health. If you don’t get enough sleep – every night – you are setting yourself up for chronic health problems or even a deadly accident. Try these 25 top tips to a good night’s sleep.

What's Up? Drinking's a Bummer

By afmcblogger on 4/28/2016

If you’re under age 21 and think drinking alcohol is harmless, read this.

Organ Donations Save Many Lives

By afmcblogger on 4/27/2016
The demand for donated organs and tissue far exceeds the supply. If you’re trying to decide about designating yourself as an organ donor on your driver’s license, or you’re curious about the transplant process, here are the facts.

Mark Your Calendar for Health Care Seminar Award Applications Due July 1

By afmcblogger on 4/19/2016
“From Genetic Codes to Zip Codes: Linking Quality Health Care and Healthy Environments” is the theme for the Governor’s Quality Award Health Care Seminar.

Attend Medicaid Conference

By afmcblogger on 4/11/2016
Don’t miss the free opportunity to attend one of AFMC’s informative Medicaid Conferences at a convenient location near you.

Top Tips to Prevent Falls

By afmcblogger on 4/7/2016
Any investment made to prevent falls can reap enormous savings in health care costs and long-term care usage, and help maintain a healthy and independent lifestyle.

AFMC's Award-Winning Wellness Program

By afmcblogger on 3/24/2016
Getting healthy on the job is a win-win for everyone. Learn about AFMC’s award-winning program to improve its employees’ health and wellness.

Methamphetamine Labs Now Rare in Arkansas

By afmcblogger on 3/21/2016
While meth labs are now rare in Arkansas, use of methamphetamine in the state has not declined as much as it has nationally. Addiction is fueled by a more potent form of meth being smuggled in from Mexico and South America.
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Hospice Care Rated Highly by Patients, Families

By afmcblogger on 3/17/2016
About 90 percent of adults say they want to die at home, free of pain and surrounded by family and loved ones. That is exactly what hospice works to make happen.  

Easy Breakfasts: Plan Ahead for Better Energy, Weight Loss and Healtheir Kids

By afmcblogger on 3/7/2016
If you want to be healthy, breakfast is the most important meal. It supplies the fuel you need to power through your day. Breakfast haters will love these great ideas for quick and easy morning food.
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