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Want To Save Money?

By afmcblogger on 10/12/2015

Medicare beneficiaries can save money on their annual health and drug insurance premiums by carefully reviewing their coverage and selecting the best plan for their needs. Find out where to get FREE help you can trust to pick the best plan for your needs.   

Are You Smart About Breast Cancer?

By afmcblogger on 10/6/2015

Do you know the risk factors for breast cancer? Do you know how to prevent it and why early detection is so important? October is a great month to get the answers to those questions so you can help protect all the wonderful women in your life from this terrible disease.

We’re Live with ICD-10: Now What?

By HostChris on 10/1/2015

By the time you read this, the industry will be coding, processing and receiving reimbursement based on the ICD-10 coding methodology. After the years of preparation and planning, we’ll finally be able to evaluate our efforts and determine where additional work may be needed. It is anticipated that in the first several weeks and months additional issues will be identified such as the need for focused coding and documentation education or that system remediation and software upgrades didn’t function as originally anticipated.

Why YOU Need a Flu Shot

By afmcblogger on 9/29/2015

Flu, a highly contagious disease, is preventable by getting a flu shot or nasal vaccine every year. Unfortunately, more than half of all Americans cling to myths about flu and flu shots to avoid being vaccinated. Let’s look at the facts about flu.

Take the Quiz: Test Your Knowledge About Drug Disposal

By afmcblogger on 9/22/2015

Take the quiz to find out if you know the safest and most secure way to dispose of unwanted prescription drugs. Hint: there’s only one safe and secure way.

Cervical Cancer Screening Basics

By afmcblogger on 9/17/2015

September, which is ovarian cancer awareness month, is a good time to remind mothers, daughters, sisters and friends about cancers of the reproductive system and how to detect them. Only cervical cancer has a reliable screening test. Early detection equals an early cure.

We Need Your Help

By afmcblogger on 9/10/2015

ARKids First (A and B) health insurance coverage must be renewed. There are two quick and easy ways that parents can renew their children’s coverage. Learn how you can help remind parents to complete this very important task.

Medical Directors Key to AFMC's Mission

By afmcblogger on 9/8/2015

Physician leadership is crucial to AFMC’s utilization review work, health care quality improvement and public education. Meet two physicians who have recently joined AFMC’s staff as chief medical officer and associate medical director.

Help Patients Keep Health Insurance

By afmcblogger on 8/31/2015
Physician practices and other providers who serve Medicaid beneficiaries can help patients retain health insurance coverage by encouraging them to respond promptly to recent requests from the Arkansas Department of Human Services (DHS) for income verification. Many beneficiaries have or will soon lose their health insurance for one simple reason: they have failed to respond to DHS’ request for proof of income to determine eligibility for Medicaid.

What Every Pregnant Woman Should Know

By afmcblogger on 8/27/2015

Drinking alcohol during pregnancy can cause permanent disabilities, miscarriage, stillbirth and premature births. The lifelong heartbreak that these physical, mental, behavioral and learning disabilities can cause are completely avoidable if the mother chooses not to drink alcohol during pregnancy.