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Prevent Colon Cancer With Screenings

By afmcblogger on 3/26/2015

YOU can prevent colon cancer by having a screening test for this disease. The most thorough method is a colonoscopy but there are other, less invasive methods. If you’re over age 50, or overweight, a smoker, a heavy drinker, or have a close relative with a history of colon cancer, this valuable test could save your life.

Protecting Your Health Data

By afmcblogger on 3/19/2015

Data drives the health care industry. As consumers, we want our personal data to be accurate, private, and easily shared with all our health care providers. Let’s see how that happens and whom we can thank for it.

Save the Date to Improve Health Care

By afmcblogger on 3/12/2015

“Healthcare in Arkansas: Bridging Gaps and Improving Outcomes” is the theme for the 2015 Governor’s Quality Award Healthcare Seminar.

23 Ways to Stay Motivated

By afmcblogger on 3/10/2015

Are you having trouble staying motivated to meet your fitness goals? Try these 23 top tips to propel you down the road to a lifetime of fitness and good health.

AFMC Wins Healthy Workplace Award

By afmcblogger on 3/3/2015

Improving healthcare starts with each of us as individuals. The Arkansas Foundation for Medical Care recently won a Healthy Workplace Award for providing an employee wellness program that has something for everyone: fitness challenges, fitness rooms, newsletters and educational lectures, a wellness committee, health insurance reductions when employees meet health benchmarks, tobacco-free workplace and participating in community fitness events.

Good Health Starts With the Heart

By afmcblogger on 3/2/2015

If you’re serious about getting healthy, start with your heart. Here are seven tips to help you get started. And, they’re all FREE.

Free Webinar on Improving Stroke Outcomes

By afmcblogger on 2/26/2015
If you work with stroke patients in any capacity you'll want to register for a free webinar on March 4 with a national expert in the area of improving stroke patient outcomes.

Check. Change. Control. For a Healthy Heart

By afmcblogger on 2/19/2015
Regularly checking your blood pressure is a great way to improve your overall health. An American Heart Association program called Check. Change. Control. offers a free online tool called Heart360 to help you be sure your blood pressure is checked twice a month. Sign up today!

Heart Disease and Diabetes Are Connected

By afmcblogger on 2/13/2015

Heart disease and diabetes are connected. Having one disease increases your chances of having the other. Here are 10 tips to help you manage both diseases and live a long, healthy life.

Measles Outbreak UPDATE

By afmcblogger on 2/4/2015

The current national outbreak of measles should prompt us all to insure that our family is fully protected against this virus – a dangerous and potentially deadly illness. Find out what the symptoms are, and who needs the measles vaccine and when. The vaccine is completely safe and can protect from serious, even life-threatening measles complications.