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Physician Membership

Why should Arkansas physicians join AFMC?

AFMC is an independent, nonprofit physician membership organization working to improve health care in Arkansas. The number of AFMC members illustrates the strength of acceptance of this mission in the medical community. In addition, AFMC membership serves as the source for AFMC leadership and committee appointments, so the strength of the membership has a direct relationship to the strength of the organization in the future.


  • Provide physician support, leadership and guidance.
  • Perform peer review.
  • Serve on AFMC’s Board of Directors.


Educational updates about improvement strategies and health care innovations


Free patient education materials and provider tools for your practice or facility

Benefit of Membership

As a physician member of AFMC, you will be eligible to join our Medicaid peer review services. We need your expertise for periodic physician review in all specialties, especially cardiovascular surgery, psychology, orthopedics and oncology/hematology.

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Who can join?

Eligibility: Any doctor of medicine or osteopathy, holding a current and unrestricted license from or a license recognized by the Board of Medical Examiners of the State of Arkansas and performing professional activities in the State of Arkansas shall be eligible for membership in the Corporation. Apply online using the form below.

Apply for our newsletter, physician review membership or AFMC committee membership.

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