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January is cervical cancer awareness month. While the number of TDAP and meningococcal vaccinations have increased in recent years due to schools requiring children to get them before enrollment, the number of HPV vaccines is still low. Children are not getting their HPV vaccines. This year, state and national health care leaders are implementing new screening methods to increase the number of children vaccinated for HPV. One such leader, ImmunizeAR has worked to encourage providers to promote the HPV vaccine. Heather Mercer, the Executive Director of ImmunizeAR, knows first-hand the importance of this vaccine in preventing cervical cancer.

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Estimates by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) show that two in three children and one in four adults have strong fears of needles. These fears may cause individuals to delay or even completely skip vaccinations altogether. In recent years, a nasal spray version of the flu vaccine has gained popularity. But should providers be wary of the nasal spray? Or is it just as good (or better) than the flu shot? AFMC’s epidemiologist Kristy Bondurant, PhD, MDH discusses the answers to these questions and more.

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Despite the precautions and prevention measures health care providers take, there has been a dramatic increase in data breaches over the past decade, with breaches reaching their peak in 2020/2021. With the pandemic being in full force during this time, there was a desperate need for quick technological services in the health care field. The speed at which this technology was being created caused data security and privacy issues. Thus, cybersecurity has become a hot topic in health care over the past decade. How can we all work to prevent data breaches in health care settings?

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Recent years have seen a rapid increase in the use of artificial intelligence (AI) technology in the medical field. We can expect to see an even larger increase in 2023. While the main uses for AI in medicine usually include diagnostics and disease detection, many more avenues are available. Let’s take a look at some additional ways that AI can support the medical community.

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2022 was a hard year for many people. In all the chaos, it can be hard for some people to get a grip on their anxiety. Now that the new year is here, providers may encounter patients who are itching to improve their physical and mental health: new year, new me. It’s important that, as a provider, you know the best resources your patients can use to make healthier choices in 2023.

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What is the difference between forgetfulness that comes with age and forgetfulness that comes from a disease like Alzheimer’s? Dr. Masil George, an Associate Professor from the Department of Geriatrics at UAMS recently went on AFMC TV to discuss memory loss and Alzheimer’s. She breaks down the differences between Alzheimer’s and dementia, the overall warning signs, and actions patients can take to mitigate their risk or live more independently if they do have Alzheimer’s.

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