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October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. This blog post discusses the importance of scheduling your mammogram appointments through organizations like CARTI and reveals the history of the famous “pink ribbon” you see everywhere during the month of October.

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Now that summer has officially ended, it’s time to consider scheduling a skin check with your local dermatologist. Dr. Rebecca Denniston, PA-C from Dermatology Group of Arkansas, recently went on AFMC TV to discuss some warning signs that may warrant a checkup and the overall importance of regular checkups, either by yourself or with a dermatologist. Though it may not seem like it, dermatology appointments are just as important as your dental, vision, or primary care checkups.

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What comes to mind when you think about the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission (AGFC)? Fishing? Hunting? Kayaking? While we're all familiar with these types of programs, not many people are familiar with the educational programs AGFC offers every year. Trey Reid with AGFC stopped by AFMC TV to talk to us about these amazing educational programs across the state. There is a lot to talk about, so get ready to take in all the hidden gems that AGFC offers through its education programs.

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Have you ever felt stressed or nervous when you forgot to take your phone with you when you left home? Ever told yourself you'd go to sleep after one more YouTube video only to look at the time and realize you spent another two hours watching videos? I'm sure we all do this at times. But have you ever thought about your phone's impact on your overall mental health? Dr. Chad Rogers is here to tell us about the science behind cell phone usage and some of the negative (and positive) impacts it can have on our mental health.

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So much has changed in health care over the last two years, but one thing has remained constant: AFMC has been out in the field doing whatever we can to help improve the health care system in Arkansas and other states throughout the nation. Our success is, in large part, due to the leadership of our former CEO, Mr. Ray Hanley. Through his leadership over the past 13 years, AFMC has tripled in size and has expanded its impact on health care.

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