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While many providers may be familiar with the American Red Cross's involvement in blood donations nationwide (they collect 40% of the nation's blood supply), providers may not realize that American Red Cross needs volunteers with health care experience to assist the community in disaster relief efforts. Red Cross responds to nearly 60,000 disasters every year, most of which are residential house fires. While these may not garner the same attention as a more large-scale disaster, house fires still have a huge emotional impact on the people who experience them. Health care providers, especially mental health providers, can play a critical role in assisting people with finding the mental health resources they need to recover from a disaster, particularly when it results in a fatality. Lori Arnold-Ellis, Executive Director at American Red Cross, recently went on AFMC TV to discuss how providers can get more involved.

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Rounding out our series on health care pioneers for Black History Month, we are talking about Edith Irby Jones, the first Black student to attend and graduate from the University of Arkansas Medical School (now UAMS) in Little Rock. Jones was a proponent of desegregation of higher education in the south and an excellent doctor, educator, and philanthropist in Arkansas.

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Lena Lowe Jordan, a Black registered nurse and hospital administrator, positively impacted the Arkansas health care system. She managed two hospitals and a program for aspiring practical nurses. Her status as a health care hero comes from her lifetime commitment to serving the Black community of Arkansas to the best of her ability.

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Continuing our series on health care heroes, today, we’re talking about Dr. Fred T. Jones, a pioneer in providing insurance and medical care to the Black community in Arkansas and Louisiana. He was born on September 8, 1877, in Homer, Louisiana. His creation of the “hospital plan” and his dedication to providing medical care to Black citizens in Little Rock, despite threats of violence, prove his highly regarded status as a health care hero in Arkansas.

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In honor of Black History Month, AFMC is looking at some of Arkansas’ Black health care leaders. Today, we’re talking about Napoleon Bonaparte Houser, one of the most prominent Black physicians in the Delta region. His legacy, which started in the early 1900s, involved practicing medicine in the rural town of Helena, Arkansas, where he later opened up a drug store and supported local non-profits. Napoleon Houser fathered a legacy of providing health care services to the Black community, and his efforts paved the way for many Black-led organizations in the Delta region.

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Knowing the Difference Can Save a Life

One of the recent episodes of AFMC TV covers the basics of heart disease. Today’s blog dives deeper and focuses on women’s cardiovascular health. In honor of national heart month, we’re looking at the differences in cardiovascular disease (the number one killer of women) and some resources providers can use to educate their patients and get involved.

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