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Medicaid Client Services

Empowering Medicaid clients

AFMC has a proven track record of helping Medicaid clients navigate the health care system and take charge of their health. We provide an Arkansas Medicaid and Arkansas Health Care Independence Program (AHCIP) service center to assist clients with a variety of functions related to their health insurance coverage as well as Arkansas Medicaid and other stakeholders. The service center provides assistance to Medicaid clients that incorporates health literacy and cultural competence, making information easy to understand and use. Services include:

  • Health insurance benefit/policy education
  • Medicaid client service center to assist with complaints, health plan selection, and eligibility verification
  • Transportation broker management and vehicle assessment
  • Grassroots health education efforts such as how to select a primary care physician, how and when to use a hospital’s emergency department, and wellness and chronic disease management
  • Patient/caregiver engagement
  • Ordering Medicaid cards for the medically frail population
  • Serving as a liaison between HP and qualified health plans to assist with Arkansas Health Care Independence Program policy issues
  • Researching state computer systems, such as CURAM, DocuShare, Arkansas Medicaid Provider Portal, ANSWER, and MMIS
  • Linking Medicaid accounts in MMIS
  • Submitting opt-out requests to the Division of County Offices on behalf of clients
  • Training for state projects and initiatives
  • Editing info in MMIS to match the CURAM record
  • Editing demographic information in CURAM
  • Providing accurate information to clients regarding their current coverage or lack thereof
  • Providing an onsite Spanish interpreter
  • Collecting data and creating reports
  • Coordinating with stakeholders and providing assistance for client-related issues through a research specialist located onsite

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