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Businesses Fighting COVID-19

Ending the pandemic depends on as many Arkansans receiving the COVID-19 vaccine as possible – and Arkansas businesses will play a major role in helping that happen. AFMC, Arkansas Blue Cross and Blue Shield, Arkansas State Chamber of Commerce/Associated Industries of Arkansas, Northwest Arkansas Council and Walmart have pulled together valuable resources to help in that effort.

VaccinateArkansas.com officially launched March 18.

VaccinateArkansas.com, part of the Vaccinate the Natural State initiative, is focused on providing employers with the tools they need to successfully navigate the COVID-19 vaccination process and confidently prepare their employees to return safely to the workplace.

From video guides that cover important topics – Vaccine Safety, Rights & Responsibilities, Logistics & Localization and Return to Work best practices – and helpful employee handouts on key topics for employees to downloadable wearable art for promotion and links to valuable resources, VaccinateArkansas.com provides employers with up-to-date, reliable information. Additionally, a list of pharmacies around the state that are available to do onsite vaccination clinics will be available and updated frequently.

“Thanks to the COVID-19 vaccine, we finally have the important piece we need to end the pandemic in Arkansas,” said Curtis Barnett, president and CEO of Arkansas Blue Cross. “But we can’t do it without all our businesses on board. It’s going to take all of us to finally defeat COVID-19 once and for all. And that starts with bringing businesses together.”

Employers will have the opportunity to pledge their support in helping make Arkansas COVID-free by taking the “Power Over Pandemic Pledge” online.

“We’ve come together to help you confidently lead your organization through the rollout of the COVID-19 vaccine and safely prepare your employees to return to work,” said Randy Zook, president and CEO of the Arkansas State Chamber of Commerce. “The ‘Power Over Pandemic Pledge’ is one way that businesses can unite in our commitment to do our part to create safe workplaces for our employees and in turn, protect and strengthen our communities, our economy and our state.”

“The content on VaccinateArkansas.com will provide information to help employers address their most pressing concerns,” said Ray Hanley, president and CEO of AFMC. “The videos, handouts and resources available for employers to share with their workforce should help in educating employees and curtailing any fears that they may have about the vaccine. We are committed to supporting the state’s vaccine efforts for Arkansas businesses.”

If you have suggestions for information not currently provided on the site, email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Take a look. Take the pledge. Let’s get Arkansas back to business … and life.

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