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Have you ever felt stressed or nervous when you forgot to take your phone with you when you left home? Ever told yourself you'd go to sleep after one more YouTube video only to look at the time and realize you spent another two hours watching videos? I'm sure we all do this at times. But have you ever thought about your phone's impact on your overall mental health? Dr. Chad Rogers is here to tell us about the science behind cell phone usage and some of the negative (and positive) impacts it can have on our mental health.

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So much has changed in health care over the last two years, but one thing has remained constant: AFMC has been out in the field doing whatever we can to help improve the health care system in Arkansas and other states throughout the nation. Our success is, in large part, due to the leadership of our former CEO, Mr. Ray Hanley. Through his leadership over the past 13 years, AFMC has tripled in size and has expanded its impact on health care.

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Are you familiar with the term adverse childhood experiences? Do you know what they mean?

The term adverse childhood experiences, or ACEs, is not a particularly new term, but it is becoming a much more widely used term. It describes adversities or challenges a child may face either in their home environment or their outside environment that causes them stress and trauma.

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After a nationwide search, the AFMC Board of Directors selected John Selig to assume the role of the company’s next CEO, effective September 1. Ray Hanley is retiring after leading the healthcare nonprofit for over a decade. “It is my pleasure to entrust the success of the future to someone such as John,” said Hanley. “I’ve known John professionally for many years. His leadership, expertise and vision align with AFMC’s future growth and diversification plans. The Board made an excellent hire.”

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You may not think the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission (AGFC) has a whole lot to do with canoeing, kayaking, or paddling. Surprisingly, it’s a big part of what they do. While AGFC does primarily deal with hunting and fishing, they also are all for preserving our beautiful waterways. Whether you’re canoeing, paddling, or kayaking, there are some great spots to float here in Arkansas and AGFC is ready to teach you the tips and tricks you need to become a kayaking connoisseur!

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